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Younger Next Year

What comes to our minds with ageing?

  • Falls

  • Aches & Pains

  • Fatigue & Weakness

  • Loss of Independence

  • Decrease activity levels

  • Myriad of medical issues

Does Medical Issues and Ageing mean the same thing?

  • Absolutely NOT!

  • Yes, we lose elasticity of our blood vessels, ligaments, joints capsules, our muscles (including our heart and lung muscles) ability to contract decreases...

  • BUT these DOES NOT automatically lead to Diabetes, Stroke, Osteoporosis, Heart failure, Lung issues...

So... What can we change?

Exercise as Medicine... How?

Components of Fitness

Am I doing enough?

How do i measure my intensity?

Mental & physical aging can be delayed, if we make the effort & sacrifices needed to do so.

Do check in with one of our friendly physiotherapists in the clinic, should you like to take the steps, but may be unsure how to safely do so!

"The thing is, you need to do something every day to tell your body it's springtime."​

- Chris Crowley

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