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Speak to our physiotherapists about your injuries and challenges with movement. Through the discussions and physical examinations, your physiotherapist will provide in­depth analysis and explanation of the findings and possible diagnoses. Collaborate with your physiotherapist on your plan of treatment and rehabilitation to get moving again.

Our team of physiotherapists are able to help with the following areas of specialisation

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Sports

  • Neurological

  • Geriatrics

  • Vestibular



Having a training or competition? Need someone to assist with pre-game preparation or be on the pitchside to respond to any injuries or manage post-game injuries? Sports physiotherapy services are available for onfield physiotherapy.



Find it challenging to make your way down to Moving Space? Moving Space can come to you - for clients who prefer onsite physiotherapy services at their own home, office or gym.

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動き Ugoki - Move better, feel better.  


Do you experience difficulty with your every day tasks? Or are you starting to feel like you have to limit yourself during activities? At Moving Space, we believe that ageing should not be linearly equated with stiffness, weakness, balance issues and a reduced ability to do the things you enjoy. Designed with pre-frail stages of your life, we well come people, who are 55 years and above, and would like to ensure the ability to move freely for a long time. Join us at Ugoki to learn how to continually move better, grow stronger and feel younger next year.  


Ikaika- Strong, Powerful, Sturdy, Energy

Doing things to keep your legs strong, but find yourself not knowing what to do with your upper limbs? Had an injury with your shoulders or elbows that are now feeling less strong than before? Having stronger arms allows you to participate in more daily tasks and other recreational endeavours. Join this exercise class to strengthen your muscles that are associated with upper limb function.


Days: Call/ Whatsapp us to enquire

Time: 60mins  


- Trial class: $25

- Drop in rate $40

- 8 sessions $280 ($35/session) 4 months validity



Ever wonder what is limiting you from making better contact with the ball or are you having niggling pain after a game of golf.

There is no perfect swing. But you have the ability to develop the most efficient swing based on what your body can physically do. Instead of guessing, assess it!

The TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) screening involves an assessment of swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health
and injury history.

The TPI certified assessor will take you through a sixteen-part physical assessment screen to identify some limitations that may be affecting your golf swing. Once
this screen is finished, the results are used to create a plan unique for that golfer. The plan may include fitness training, physical therapy and treatment,
biomechanics correction or all of the above.

Benefits of a TPI Golf Screening: 

  • Improve Swing Posture

  • Increase Mobility through targetted exercises to reduce muscle tension 

  • Better Body Awareness and understanding of your body mechanics 

  • Improve Strength, Power and Stability - through personalised exercise routine to improve your core control, upper and lower body

1st session: 90-minute TPI Golf Assessment 

2nd to 4th sessions: 45-minute subsequent Golf Specific therapy sessions



Interested in finding out more about musculoskeletal and sports injury prevention and management? Organising health talks and/or workshops for your team mates or colleagues? Moving Space can provide health and sports injury management talks and workshops for big and small groups.

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