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Understanding Growing Pains

The Growing child

Growth Spurts – When?

  • 6.5 – 7.5 years: Growth Rates of Males & Females similar

  • 6.5-10.5 years: Growth Rates of Males declines slightly, while Females steadily continue to grow

  • 9.5-11.5 years: Peak growth spurts of Females

  • 11.5-12.5 years: Peak growth spurts of Males

Growth Spurts – How to know?

  • Clothes too short

  • Increased hunger

  • Sleeps more than usual

  • Clumsiness

  • Puberty

The Growing Child – Musculoskeletal System

  • Muscles, Bones, Ligaments, Tendons, Fascia

The Growing Child – Neurological System

  • Central Nervous System: Brain, Spinal Cord

  • Peripheral Nervous System: Nerves

Why pain may occur in a growing child?

Neuromusculoskeletal Related Pain

Somatosensory Related Pain

  • Cognitive development – reconceptualizing/understanding friendships and social dynamics

  • Social development

  • Peer pressure, finding oneself

  • Self image/ Self-esteem issues à negative emotional effects

Why Movement matters?

“A well-trained nervous system is the greatest friend a mind can have.”

-Halleck, 1898

  • Life is synonymus with movement

  • Our physical function reveals our experience of movement

    • Movement opportunity helps to develop motor performance

    • Sensory-motor skills operate along a continuous feedback loop

The Well Balanced Child

”When we teach the body we also nourish the brain, not only in terms of strengthening and maintaining neural connections, but also in refining the chemical and hormonal status of the brain, which collectively contributes to the psyche or the self.”

- Sally Goddard Blythe

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